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Norfolk RoSPA Advanced Riders welcomes riders who wish to undertake training to improve the standard of their riding, with the aim of passing the RoSPA advanced test for motorcycles.

Upcoming Events

These are the events for the next 30 days. To see the complete list visit our Events page.

How to Join Norfolk RAR

To join the group Please download and complete this form. Membership of Norfolk RoSPA Advanced Riders costs £20 per annum, with an additional £15 payable for a copy of Roadcraft and The Highway Code for new members who do not yet have a RoSPA test pass.

Once you have returned your form our Treasurer will contact you with payment information.

Our Group Constitution

As we are an official RoSPA group it's necessary for us to have a published constitution. This document sets out the rules of the group and how it is governed. Click Here to download it in PDF format (requires Adobe Reader).